Month: April 2011

Baby movement

Yesterday M didn’t feel baby boy move that much and it really concerned her.  Because of her high blood pressure she was put on a higher dose of medicine and we were wondering if it may have adversely affected him.    We sat down for awhile and talked to him and he fluttered a bit but nothing like the previous day M said.  So to say the least we were both really concerned.

This morning M tells me that he’s up moving and groving again.  I’m not sure if it’s as much as the previous day, but he’s moving quite a bit she said so she’s not as concerned now.

She’s discovered that there are certain things that will get him moving.

  • Ice Cold Water
  • Juice
  • And of course food!

Guys this is just another instance where there’s not a lot that you can do…so get used to it.  I hate not being able to help in some aspect, but it’s just the way it is!

And with that, I’m off to see Fast Five this morning!


Babies know what’s going on outside of the womb!

A friend of my wifes told us that when she was pregnant with her last child she would put headphones on her belly before she went to bed and when he was born he’d fall asleep to that music.  And I’m sure you’ve heard of people reading to their baby while they are in the womb.  We did that for awhile, but for some reason have fallen off on doing that.  And lately I’ve been saying little things to our boy when I can put my hand on my wifes belly.

Dads it sounds strange and you might be embarrassed about it, but I believe it’s a good to talk to your baby while he’s in the womb. Chances are only you and your wife are going to know about this talking so get over it. I’m not sure if it’s a good thing that he knows my angry voice, but M tells me he jumps a little when I yell at the cats for getting us up to early, but he does know my voice (I’m hoping that he will know my regular voice as well!!).  He also knows when our dog Jasper is near to M.  Jasper and M like to snuggle on the bed and Jasper is a bed hog.  There’s no other way around it.  He just is. But when he’s close to M’s belly M tells me that baby gives a few kicks for good measure.  Although I have no way of knowing it, I think Jasper knows that there is something in M’s belly as well.  I’m sure there are other things that our baby is aware of that we don’t know of just yet, but these are a few of the things we’ve observed.

So guys put your ego aside and give your baby a little encouragement or read to them each night or play music to them.  Who knows what will come from it.  As for me I have to get to work and send mom and baby off to their appointment this morning!

What did your baby recognize while they were in the womb?

Post round up from other parenting blogs

I’ve been following a few parenting blogs in my RSS reader and there were a few that cracked me up this morning so I thought I’d post a few links since I’m kind of taking Wednesday off to just chill!

Whose Children are These – I’d never thought that a child could not like pizza, but apparently they can!!!

Ding Dong – Although we never walked into an occupied house I have been woken up by work at unnamed hours and trying to figure out what they were trying to tell me!

The Bad Student Solution – With M being a teacher and the place I work for going after the teachers for a lot of things this is a discussion M and I have had.  And yet a 12 year old can figure out what’s wrong with much of our education system.

On another note, M told me that something’s different this morning.  She thinks baby might be dropping, but isn’t 100% sure. She also had some contractions last night that she almost woke up me up for.  So I think things are moving, despite being a bit on the early side.  However both of us are bound and determined to make it to 37 weeks so our guy doesn’t have to stay in the hospital that long.

Have a great Wednesday everyone!

How much does a pregnant women pee?

We had another doctors appointment yesterday, which included an ultrasound and meeting with the doctor.  Our little guy passed all of his tests on his ultrasound (8 out of 8), but was apparently close on one of them (practice breathing…didn’t know that was possible!).  Everything went well with the doctor until I got a text message M saying that she had to do another pee test.

M did a pee test last week and was okay with it.  It ruled out preeclampsia and anything else that they might look for in it.  But she’s been having high blood pressure so they put her on low dose of blood pressure medicine and asked that she do another pee test, which frustrated her.  It’s another example of doctors not knowing what bed rest really is, in my opinion.

So the pee test is where she pee’s into what looks like an upside down hard hat, except it’s plastic and has sort of a spout to pour out of.  For M it goes into these 1 gallon orange containers.  Any man who has been around a pregnant lady knows that they pee a lot.  Oh and did I mention that they want the pee refrigerated?  So last night before we went to bed, M put together a cooler as she said there was no way she was going to be walking up the stairs with the “hat” half full of pee, half asleep and trying to pour it into the orange container.  I of course slept through all of this, but it was a success as I haven’t heard anything about it this morning.

So to answer the question about how much a pregnant women pees.  Well last time she nearly filled 2 of these gallon containers in less than 24 hours.  And from the looks of the container next to my coffee creamer, we are on pace for the same this time!

This is not a problem you can solve guys!

Hopefully most of the guys, and women, that read this (which is few) are glad to be expecting a child and had planned on it.  Most guys will probably know much of what I’m going to talk about here, but perhaps your just starting your journey to becoming a dad.

Most men, myself included, like to fix stuff so that it works again.  The sink’s food disposal unit is broken so you fix it and when your done you thump your chest and let everyone know what you just did.  Okay maybe that’s just me, but I think you get the idea.  With your wife being pregnant there are going to be a lot of things that you’ll see that you’ll want to fix and the bottom line is that you can’t!

Out of habit more than anything I usually ask my wife how she slept.  Well I did this not to long ago when sleep was starting to be an issue.  She was nice about it, but told me that she didn’t sleep well and that this would be the way it was until the end.  And she’s right.  There’s nothing that I can do, or we as guys can do, to help our spouses out with stuff like this.  However there are other things we can do.

Being there is the single best thing, in my opinion, on what we can do.  Not out shooting pool with the guys, or drinking beers. Being home helping cook meals (we’ve found that we really enjoy cooking meals together), help clean the house and when she asks be willing to give her a massage!

It pains me at times to see her in some much discomfort, but I know that we are another day closer to a new family member.

Guys what other ways have you been there for your spouse?

Holiday Traditions

My wife and I always enjoy the holidays, but at times it seems like there’s something lacking.  I suppose we get caught up in the commercialization of the holidays like many other people, but I think it goes beyond that. When it’s just the two of us it can be a bit on the boring side and I think by adding another member to our family will change that.  I’m not talking about our boy being an entertainment vessel but someone that we can dote on and I suppose spoil.

I’ve already been through the Toys R’ Us Lego section and can see Lego’s in the future (loved Legos when I was a kid).  But again it’s more than the commercialization. Both of us have holiday memories that we’ve talked about and how it will be with our baby boy.  I remember at Easter, we’d have the usual egg hunt, but what I remember more than anything was the blowing bubbles we got and how the weather was.  It was usually a nice spring day (we woke up to a skiff of snow this morning!).

Since this is a holiday I’ll keep it fairly short.

What holiday traditions do you remember as a kid and what new one’s have you created with your children?

Fast Friday

My brains a little muddled right now so I don’t anticipate this being a long post or really on topic.

We had another appointment yesterday with the doctors (I should say that my wife did).  They have ruled out preeclampsia which we are both really happy.  However her blood pressure is still a bit high and they want us to measure it at home.  She told them yesterday that she gets really nervous going to the doctors office because the last few times all we’ve received is bad news. So she is taking her blood pressure at home a few times a day to see if it’s any less.

And from what M told me if we make it to 37 weeks we are doing really well.  So I’m really hoping and praying that we are able to make it to 37 weeks so our little guy doesn’t have to stay in the hospital for a few weeks (if he comes before 37 weeks it sounds like he’ll have to stay there because he has not developed the suckling reflex. That is apparently developed at 36 weeks).  Given that he might come early we will both be packing bags  this weekend that we will take to the hospital.  I’m not exactly sure what I’m going to take, but I’ve been told I’m in charge of laptop and the video camera.  I’m pretty sure I can handle that.  Clothes and other such stuff I’m not sure, so if any of you have any advice on what else I should be bringing let me know!

That’s about all I got right now.  I’ve got a few topics bouncing about in my head and I hope to get them written up this weekend.

Have a great weekend everyone!