Do doctors know what bed rest means?

As a result of our doctors appointment last week my wife has been put on bed rest.  What came along with that is what makes me question whether or not doctors really know what bed rest means?  Seriously.  Let me explain.

So they told my wife to be on modified bed rest, which meant she had to quit working.  We’d talked a little bit about this and what we should do when school started up next fall (my wife is a teacher).  The baby would only be a few months old and we weren’t comfortable with shuffling him off to be raised by someone we might hardly know.  Long story short we are starting that sooner than we had planned, but we had talked about it and although we are still a bit concerned how everything will shake out we are good.  And modified bed rest meant in the AM she was to be in bed for an extra 2 to 3 hours and the same for the PM.

And here’s the kicker that makes me think doctors don’t know what bed rest means.  They wanted to schedule two times a week doctors appointments. Which doesn’t really tell the full story. For example yesterday my wife had an ultrasound and then had another appointment with the doctor to look at the ultrasound and then after that had blood drawn. So there’s a total of three appointments.  And as a result of yesterdays doctors appointment they want her to keep all of her urine for 24 hours.  Anyone who’s been pregnant or has lived with someone pregnant knows that at this stage of the game (starting week 33!) going to the bathroom happens just about every hour or hour and a half. Plus she’s driving 45 miles one way to get to these appointments.

So I’m left wondering if doctors really know what bed rest means?


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