Post round up from other parenting blogs

I’ve been following a few parenting blogs in my RSS reader and there were a few that cracked me up this morning so I thought I’d post a few links since I’m kind of taking Wednesday off to just chill!

Whose Children are These – I’d never thought that a child could not like pizza, but apparently they can!!!

Ding Dong – Although we never walked into an occupied house I have been woken up by work at unnamed hours and trying to figure out what they were trying to tell me!

The Bad Student Solution – With M being a teacher and the place I work for going after the teachers for a lot of things this is a discussion M and I have had.  And yet a 12 year old can figure out what’s wrong with much of our education system.

On another note, M told me that something’s different this morning.  She thinks baby might be dropping, but isn’t 100% sure. She also had some contractions last night that she almost woke up me up for.  So I think things are moving, despite being a bit on the early side.  However both of us are bound and determined to make it to 37 weeks so our guy doesn’t have to stay in the hospital that long.

Have a great Wednesday everyone!


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