We have a baby boy!

On my previous post I mentioned that we had a growth scan on Monday.

We had our growth scan ultrasound at 1:20 pm and a follow up doctors appointment at 2 pm.  M knew something wasn’t right when the ultrasound tech didn’t give her the papers to take over to the doctors visit.  In the past they have done that.

This was the first time I’d met the doctor so I was kind of curious as to how she was compared to the mid-wives.  She was nice, but it was business.  After our meeting with her, I’ll spare you the details, she told us that we needed to get over to the hospital.  The ultrasound showed that our baby was getting blood through the umbilical cord but sometimes the blood was being returned which was not a good sign.

So we were admitted to the hospital, first time I’ve been into a hospital and into a room in about 10 minutes flat.  We had brought Jasper our dog with us thinking that we’d be able to go home and put him there.  Nope.  That was not the case.  Luckily we have a great set of friends and they rushed down here to be with us and get Jasper.

By 4pm, via emergency c-section, we had a new baby boy in our family. That’s how quickly it happened.  I actually made it through the c-section, which I’m pretty proud of.  My history with hospitals is not good. There’s a combination of smells and temperature that makes me want to pass out, but we’ve been okay here.

There are still hurdles for our little guy to get over (he’s 5 weeks early, but according to the growth ultrasound he’s almost 10 weeks early), but he’s doing well and we couldn’t have any better care in the region.

Posting maybe sparse for the next couple of days, but I hope to get something out.


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