The feeding schedule of premies

When our baby boy (BB) was in the neonatal ICU the nurses asked us what type of feeding schedule we’d like him on.  Apparently they didn’t know that BB was our first and we had no clue. So we settled on feeding him every three hours.  It was an 8, 11, 2 and 5 schedule that repeated two times in a day.

So we brought BB home on Monday and continued on with that schedule.  The first night was brutal, especially for someone like me who likes their sleep.  I can get up early with the best of them, but I need my sleep.  Not with BB in the house.  I knew it was going to be a change, but ugh was the sentiment that morning.

On Wednesday we had our first appointment with the doctor to see how he was doing.  He actually put on some weight, so we are feeding him correctly.  I was kind of wondering there for a bit because he was pooping like there was no tomorrow (this seems to have faded a bit as of today).  And the doctor asked us how often we were feeding him.  We told her that we were on the same schedule as the NICU, but were wondering if we could change it up as he was getting hungrier earlier and the night time was brutal. She said yes we could change it up and the schedule at the NICU is not all that realistic for home.  Especially at night, if BB would go 4 hours we could hold off on feeding him that long, but he still needed to get in 8 meals a day.

We are on the 2nd day of this schedule and things are going well.  Still a lot of getting up and running upstairs like a zombie and heating up a bottle for him, but I seem to be doing okay.  M on the other hand, nature instinct or not, is spending a lot of time up with BB when he makes a groan or a grunt. I think eventually she’ll learn what is what and be able to sleep through it, but for now she’s awake quite a bit and has made the comment that coffee in the morning feels like a jump start to the system!

So in the end, we basically feed when we see BB rooting around or he starts fusing a lot.  Never going more than 4 hours for a feeding.  Most of the time it’s 2.5 hours for him, but he has done a couple longer and shorter than that.  He’s really starting to chug the milk down.

The real test of all of this will be next week when I head back to work.


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