There is hope!

I was sent out yesterday to get somethings that we needed for BB and M.  At the store I grabbed a cart and headed in the general direction of where I thought the items might be (I don’t usually go to this store) and I found what I needed.

As I was getting to the aisle I saw a mom and a dad and a baby.  At the baby section I saw a couple that was expecting and looking at strollers. I really wanted to stop and say something to them, but I wasn’t sure what I would say other than “good luck and sleep as you know it will be a distant memory”. Probably not the best terms to tell someone who is expecting! As I made my way to the pharmacy section, for a humidifier, I saw a dad alone, with his two children.  I stopped for a half a second to see if mom was around holding some kind of control button because the children were being really well behaved.

And with that I knew there was hope.  It’s been a few rough nights here in the house and although I wasn’t really concerned, it was nice to see that there are better times ahead.  M and I have joked that this first year is probably going to be one of the toughest and after that it should be more entertaining.  Not that BB is for our entertainment purpose, but we will be able to interact a bit more with him.

So when did your baby make the turn for you?


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