Change change change!

I knew it was coming.  I really did and I had prepared myself for it.  Despite that I still find myself struggling from time to time with all of the changes that a new child brings into your life.  Let me first say that I wouldn’t trade this for anything in the world, but I’d be lying if I told you everything was peachy keen!  There are a ton of changes to your life when you bring a child into this world and some of those changes you just can’t prepare for.

I’m still adjusting to waking up whenever BB feels like it.  Usually he needs to be fed or his diaper changed or sometimes he just wants to be held, like this morning.  On the plus side he is growing like a weed.  We’ve been told he’s gaining an ounce of body weight a day (he’s up over 5lbs now).  So this reassures me that we are doing everything well.  M’s been great in letting me sleep as much as I can since I’m working, but I know she gets exhausted so I try and pick up the slack where I can and I’m not sure I do a good job of that.

To top it all off I’m trying to make some other adjustments as well. I’m trying my hardest to continue my education in my field of work…or the work I do that I enjoy the most!  I once had an interview where they asked me what I did to stay current in my field. Well then and now I have no answer to that question. So I’m trying to remedy that by taking some hours away from a really useless pursuit (Warcraft anyone?) and put it towards educating myself.  Despite the lack of posts here, I’m still trying to write.  I don’t have some super secret blog project or something else going on (although I wish I did!).  I just want to write.  I’ve always wanted to write since I was in my teens.  Specifically I want to write fiction of some sort.

So I’m going to try and make a more concerted effort to get here and write as its something I really want to do.  However until I find a schedule things might be a bit sparse. Oh did I mention that we finally have some sort of  weather here in Wyoming that resembles spring or summer?  Yeah I’ve got a bunch of yard work that I need to do.


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