No initiation yet!

While baby boy (BB) was in the hospital one of the nurses kept asking if I’d been initiated as a dad yet.  By initiation she meant if I’d been peed on by BB while changing his diaper.  The answer then and the answer now is no I have not, but there have been a few close calls…but not with pee.  Yeah with the other one.

BB when he’s getting ready to do his business, number 1 or 2, gets a wind up.  By a wind up I mean he starts to fuss and make a lot of noise.  At times it’s hard to tell if he’s hungry or if he’s just getting ready to leave us a present in his diaper.  So when he does this fussiness and I know he’s been fed recently I go and change his diaper.  He’s let a few things go and I think he’s done.  However there’s been a couple of times that right before I’m about to undo his diaper he lets it go.  Or right after I’ve done up his new diaper.

I know that one of these days I’ll be initiated, but for now I’m free.  There is an upside to cleaning a fresh diaper.  It’s easy to clean up from his bottom!


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