Chest Hair and Babies

While my parents were here we discovered that baby boy (BB) really likes to be on his stomach.  Back when I was a baby the nurses and doctors apparently told my parents that I was to sleep on my stomach.  It’s a 180 degrees different now.  They now believe that SIDS is caused by babies sleeping on their stomach.  But I digress.

So when he’s upset either M or I will pick him up and walk around with him while he’s facing our chests. Most of the time this will calm him down, but sometimes it doesn’t.

Yesterday I came home from work and I was walking with BB and I had on a polo shirt that I had unbuttoned a bit (finally warmer her in Wyoming!).  While we were walking around BB had a fit of gas which most of the time is a lot of fussing. Little did I know that he was also balling up his hand that was on my chest.  And along with him making a fist a bunch of my chest hair went into his fist and I gave a slight grimace.  I think this is a pleasure that only a baby can give.  I’m pretty sure most chest hairs are to short for adults hands (if your into that kind of thing!).  After I was out of pain and BB had let go I wondered if it was time to shave the chest until BB was old enough to not grab onto anything that he could.  As of now the answer to that question is no, but if it happens to much more then the answer may quickly become yes!


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