Month: August 2011


I never thought I’d say it, given my limited experiences with babies, but they can be quite peaceful and relaxing.

This week at work has been challenging so far.  Not anything that I wasn’t expecting, but the fact that customers I hadn’t heard from in years decided to come out of the woods with problems has made it all that more challenging.  So I’ve been coming home pretty exhausted at night.

But when I hold baby boy everything else seems to slip away.  This despite him just having his 4 month check up which means vaccinations and they haven’t treated him well.  But just holding him and concentrating on him helps to take away the days worries.  Never thought it would come down to that but it has.

One of the more awesome things about being a father!


Four months old!

It’s hard to believe it but our baby boy will be four months old today.  To top things off he has his four month appointment today.  We’ve filled out the doctors little form where they ask a variety of questions about his development.  In my very biased opinion he’s doing quite well according to these.  He’s probably still a little bit behind, but he’s doing just great.

These last few weeks with baby boy have been awesome.  He’s reached that stage in development (I’d say around 3.5 months) where he is babbling and he likes to look at you and laugh at you.  It’s incredibly satisfying to just sit down with him, not worry about anything else, and play with him.  I wish that I had a stay at home job to see all of this development but alas it’s not to be right now.  Perhaps one of these days that might be the case.

I’m still trying to become “fitter” daddy, but it’s been a bit rough sailing lately.  M, the wonderful wife, and I went to the gym on Saturday and I was talking about how the weight isn’t coming off as quick as I want it to. As always she has great words of wisdom for me and told me to just be consistent. So right now that’s what I’m trying to do. Be consistent.  Despite having a busy work week I’m going to try and get to the gym three times this week. Hopefully that will continue on for months ahead.

Tips for being a good waitress/waiter

Let me first say this.  I’ve never been a waiter, but I’ve been around the restaurant business in some aspect for a good part of my life so I think I’m somewhat qualified to say a little something about this.

We just got back from Chili’s, yeah I know not the best example of waitering, but the waitress we had today could use a couple of these tips. So here we go.

  • Don’t ask people if they are ready to order three minutes after they’ve sat down with their baby.  Give them a few minutes to get settled down and have a peak at the menu.  If we are your first table and you’ve got nothing else to do…go cut some lemons or something.  The kitchen crew will like you for that!
  • Have a personality.  I know you might be new to this position, but realize that being a waiter/waitress requires you to be friendly and put some effort into it. Even if you think it’s the absolute worst job in the world and your parents made you get the job, put some personality into your voice.  Show some interest in your customers.
  • There’s a fine line between being there to much and not often enough.  From a waiters aspect I can’t tell you what this is, but from a customer aspect it’s a fine line.  If you get it just right and hit the other two items above I will give you at least a 15% tip or more.  No questions asked.

Securing the house

Untitled by epospisil, on Flickr

Tonight I took the first step in securing the house for when baby boy is old enough to motor around.  Want to know the sad part of this?  I’ve already installed dang near every kind of childproof device known to man.  How can that be you might ask.  Well I’ll tell you how it can be.  It’s called…pets!

We love our pets dearly, some would say to much, but we love them.  And when the cats were a bit younger than they are now they got into everything (it has only slightly improved with age).  Soon after we brought the cats home they were getting into our cupboards where we stored cleaning supplies.  Not the best thing for them to get into, but not the worst. What was worse was a hole that one of the cats thought was just the coolest thing to get into.  Fortunately he could extract himself out at that time, but we knew there would be a time when he wouldn’t be able to and it would mean demolishing a wall or something like that. So up went those little latches that you put on the inside of cupboards to keep kids out of them.

Fast forward a couple of years and we’ve now got a dog and two cats.  The dog, is great for the most part, but he has one really bad habit.  And that’s to go and eat cat poop!  So up goes a baby gate.  Not the steel type like I installed tonight (yeah we aren’t messing around) but a wooden gate that could be taken up and down as needed.

So here we are with a gate in place that could stop a tank and waiting for baby boy to begin crawling and walking.  But before that happens I’ll be securing the cupboards so that he can’t get into the dangerous one’s.  Now that just brought up a memory.  Did you ever play in the cupboards with pots and pans?  A post for another day!

The things we do for coffee

As a new parent I feel that I’m fairly well qualified to say that there are no bounds to getting our morning fix.

Some of us go to Starbucks and pick up a nice steaming cup of coffee, or whatever your choice maybe but others, such as myself, brew our own cups at home. Some days things go nice and smoothly and other days, like today, it just doesn’t.

Cup of coffee

Cup of coffee by wiosanna, on Flickr

As M sometimes gets up with baby boy and sleeps in the couch I try and prepare a pot of coffee the night before, which is what I did last night (note: since we are consuming more coffee than normal we have taken to brewing a pot rather than creating individual cups…we still do have the one cup brewing wonder!).  This morning when I woke I followed my usual routine and showered pressed the brew button and got dressed.

By the time I got upstairs again coffee was brewing and I was ready for my jolt.  But it wasn’t to be. See there’s a couple of things that went wrong.  Somewhere along the line the coffee filter slid down the side and grounds plugged the hole through which coffee flows.  Instead it flowed right over the counter and the floor.  So M and I cleaned it up and she suggested that I brew a little bit of water to clean things out.  I agreeded, putting off sweet bliss once more, and started brewing some hot water.  Oh yes we got water everywhere once again!  We cleaned up and reset.

At this point I nearly had the shakes.  Not from not getting my caffeine but because I was about ready to take it out back and grab the shotgun from the closet.

Alas third time was a charm and I got one cup of coffee for the day.  I usually have two, but I had to make due.

A few words of wisdom for new parents or anyone looking to buy a new coffee pot.  Do not buy a coffee put system that uses a “ball” system on it.  By this I mean that the filter portion has a half ball on it that needs to be pressed up in order for the coffee to flow.  The container has the other half of the “ball” and does the pressing up.  Yes it does keep the coffee fairly warm for a long time, but from experience I can tell you that you don’t need the frustration when it goes all wrong…and it will no matter how careful you are!

The weekend round up!

We really enjoy our weekends, despite the fact that when someone asks what I did on a given weekend it sounds pretty boring because it’s usually the same old routine.  I suspect that most people are like this and there are very few who are climbing on their personal jet and flying to Hawaii for a day and then coming back. Would be nice, but yeah that’s not 99.9% of us!

Saturday we went to the rib fest here in Cheyenne.  I’m really glad that the city of Cheyenne is trying to promote the downtown, but lets please try and get more than 4 “chain” rib vendors.  I say chain because if I’ve been to a rib fest anywhere in the past 10 years (maybe less) I’m sure you’ve seen these places.  Despite that…ribs rock!  We get our ribs from Awesome Aussies and they were good.  Next time I will however go with the pork rather than chicken (for their platters!).  I’m not a big fan of dark meat on chicken.  We really would have enjoyed staying down there, but there was not very much seating and the area where we found seating was right next to the speakers for the band, which as you can guess is not the best for a babies ears!

Once home we watched The Kings Speech.  I didn’t think I’d really like this movie, but I came away very impressed.

Sunday was pretty low key.  I took care of baby boy while M went shopping.  Things went pretty good.  Usually we end up with on screaming session because I wait to long to feed him, but this time I did pretty good.  Once he’d eaten I put him to bed and setup our new audio and video monitoring equipment.  Pretty sweet.  I’ve still got to get it setup in his room, but that shouldn’t take too long…famous last works.  Speaking of installing stuff.  I did end up installing a new light in our basement.

We ended the weekend by watching Little Fockers and giving baby boy a bath.  Or I should say I bathed him for the first time. Thankfully he likes baths and I didn’t drown him.  There were a couple of times where I thought he might slip out of my hands and crash down, but luckily he didn’t.  One thing we’ve noticed is that he doesn’t like getting out of his bath.  I think it has to do with the whole colder air stuff.

As I read through this I realize this is pretty hopefully I can come up with a better post later this week (hopefully tomorrow).

27 inches of…monitor!

I finally did it.  I broke down and got myself a monitor that’s probably way to big for dang near any desk. I got a 27 inch monitor today.  I’d been thinking about this for months, but was pushed over the edge this week when a co-worker of mine got one and brought it in to show me.

There’s probably much better things I could have spent my money on, but I got this instead.  We did recently make some changes to our TV plan to try and save some money so I’m now finding stuff online to watch. Yeah that’s why I got it!!  It will make the viewing experience that much better.  Honestly it really is like a miniature TV on my desk!

So far I’m REALLY happy with the purchase.  It’s got a nice glossy screen, which is what I wanted, and…well I’m not sure what else I can say about this thing other than to baffle you with technical details.  But Amazon has already done that so here’s the link to the monitor I purchased on Amazon (by the way it was cheaper at Sam’s Club..which I find kind of amazing!).

And now we are headed to rib fest!  Been a few years since we’ve been to a rib fest.  Hopefully it’s good!