Big Giant Poo!

Somewhere in the past two weeks baby boy has changed his…excrement cycle.  It used to be that in every dirty diaper there was both pee and poop.  Well that’s has now changed.  So listen up guys.

Baby boy now saves up his poo for one giant one.  This can last anywhere from a day to a day and a half.  For M and I it’s a contest on the weekend to see who will have to change the giant poo and we measure them by the number of wipes we have to use.  The conversations sound much like this.

M: So it sounds like he needs his diaper changed (this after baby boy has spent the last 15 minutes making farting noises with some juicy one’s added)

Me:  I have some work to do.

M: No I think it’s your turn to change him.  I had a 9 wipe explosion yesterday.  You need to clean up one of these.

Me: *sigh*  Okay.

I take baby boy to his room and change him and find nothing but pee in his diaper. I of course have to rub it in when I bring him back.  M is jealous, but I know one of these days I’m going to have the 10 wipe poo explosion!


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