27 inches of…monitor!

I finally did it.  I broke down and got myself a monitor that’s probably way to big for dang near any desk. I got a 27 inch monitor today.  I’d been thinking about this for months, but was pushed over the edge this week when a co-worker of mine got one and brought it in to show me.

There’s probably much better things I could have spent my money on, but I got this instead.  We did recently make some changes to our TV plan to try and save some money so I’m now finding stuff online to watch. Yeah that’s why I got it!!  It will make the viewing experience that much better.  Honestly it really is like a miniature TV on my desk!

So far I’m REALLY happy with the purchase.  It’s got a nice glossy screen, which is what I wanted, and…well I’m not sure what else I can say about this thing other than to baffle you with technical details.  But Amazon has already done that so here’s the link to the monitor I purchased on Amazon (by the way it was cheaper at Sam’s Club..which I find kind of amazing!).

And now we are headed to rib fest!  Been a few years since we’ve been to a rib fest.  Hopefully it’s good!


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