The weekend round up!

We really enjoy our weekends, despite the fact that when someone asks what I did on a given weekend it sounds pretty boring because it’s usually the same old routine.  I suspect that most people are like this and there are very few who are climbing on their personal jet and flying to Hawaii for a day and then coming back. Would be nice, but yeah that’s not 99.9% of us!

Saturday we went to the rib fest here in Cheyenne.  I’m really glad that the city of Cheyenne is trying to promote the downtown, but lets please try and get more than 4 “chain” rib vendors.  I say chain because if I’ve been to a rib fest anywhere in the past 10 years (maybe less) I’m sure you’ve seen these places.  Despite that…ribs rock!  We get our ribs from Awesome Aussies and they were good.  Next time I will however go with the pork rather than chicken (for their platters!).  I’m not a big fan of dark meat on chicken.  We really would have enjoyed staying down there, but there was not very much seating and the area where we found seating was right next to the speakers for the band, which as you can guess is not the best for a babies ears!

Once home we watched The Kings Speech.  I didn’t think I’d really like this movie, but I came away very impressed.

Sunday was pretty low key.  I took care of baby boy while M went shopping.  Things went pretty good.  Usually we end up with on screaming session because I wait to long to feed him, but this time I did pretty good.  Once he’d eaten I put him to bed and setup our new audio and video monitoring equipment.  Pretty sweet.  I’ve still got to get it setup in his room, but that shouldn’t take too long…famous last works.  Speaking of installing stuff.  I did end up installing a new light in our basement.

We ended the weekend by watching Little Fockers and giving baby boy a bath.  Or I should say I bathed him for the first time. Thankfully he likes baths and I didn’t drown him.  There were a couple of times where I thought he might slip out of my hands and crash down, but luckily he didn’t.  One thing we’ve noticed is that he doesn’t like getting out of his bath.  I think it has to do with the whole colder air stuff.

As I read through this I realize this is pretty hopefully I can come up with a better post later this week (hopefully tomorrow).


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