The things we do for coffee

As a new parent I feel that I’m fairly well qualified to say that there are no bounds to getting our morning fix.

Some of us go to Starbucks and pick up a nice steaming cup of coffee, or whatever your choice maybe but others, such as myself, brew our own cups at home. Some days things go nice and smoothly and other days, like today, it just doesn’t.

Cup of coffee

Cup of coffee by wiosanna, on Flickr

As M sometimes gets up with baby boy and sleeps in the couch I try and prepare a pot of coffee the night before, which is what I did last night (note: since we are consuming more coffee than normal we have taken to brewing a pot rather than creating individual cups…we still do have the one cup brewing wonder!).  This morning when I woke I followed my usual routine and showered pressed the brew button and got dressed.

By the time I got upstairs again coffee was brewing and I was ready for my jolt.  But it wasn’t to be. See there’s a couple of things that went wrong.  Somewhere along the line the coffee filter slid down the side and grounds plugged the hole through which coffee flows.  Instead it flowed right over the counter and the floor.  So M and I cleaned it up and she suggested that I brew a little bit of water to clean things out.  I agreeded, putting off sweet bliss once more, and started brewing some hot water.  Oh yes we got water everywhere once again!  We cleaned up and reset.

At this point I nearly had the shakes.  Not from not getting my caffeine but because I was about ready to take it out back and grab the shotgun from the closet.

Alas third time was a charm and I got one cup of coffee for the day.  I usually have two, but I had to make due.

A few words of wisdom for new parents or anyone looking to buy a new coffee pot.  Do not buy a coffee put system that uses a “ball” system on it.  By this I mean that the filter portion has a half ball on it that needs to be pressed up in order for the coffee to flow.  The container has the other half of the “ball” and does the pressing up.  Yes it does keep the coffee fairly warm for a long time, but from experience I can tell you that you don’t need the frustration when it goes all wrong…and it will no matter how careful you are!


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