Securing the house

Untitled by epospisil, on Flickr

Tonight I took the first step in securing the house for when baby boy is old enough to motor around.  Want to know the sad part of this?  I’ve already installed dang near every kind of childproof device known to man.  How can that be you might ask.  Well I’ll tell you how it can be.  It’s called…pets!

We love our pets dearly, some would say to much, but we love them.  And when the cats were a bit younger than they are now they got into everything (it has only slightly improved with age).  Soon after we brought the cats home they were getting into our cupboards where we stored cleaning supplies.  Not the best thing for them to get into, but not the worst. What was worse was a hole that one of the cats thought was just the coolest thing to get into.  Fortunately he could extract himself out at that time, but we knew there would be a time when he wouldn’t be able to and it would mean demolishing a wall or something like that. So up went those little latches that you put on the inside of cupboards to keep kids out of them.

Fast forward a couple of years and we’ve now got a dog and two cats.  The dog, is great for the most part, but he has one really bad habit.  And that’s to go and eat cat poop!  So up goes a baby gate.  Not the steel type like I installed tonight (yeah we aren’t messing around) but a wooden gate that could be taken up and down as needed.

So here we are with a gate in place that could stop a tank and waiting for baby boy to begin crawling and walking.  But before that happens I’ll be securing the cupboards so that he can’t get into the dangerous one’s.  Now that just brought up a memory.  Did you ever play in the cupboards with pots and pans?  A post for another day!


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