Tips for being a good waitress/waiter

Let me first say this.  I’ve never been a waiter, but I’ve been around the restaurant business in some aspect for a good part of my life so I think I’m somewhat qualified to say a little something about this.

We just got back from Chili’s, yeah I know not the best example of waitering, but the waitress we had today could use a couple of these tips. So here we go.

  • Don’t ask people if they are ready to order three minutes after they’ve sat down with their baby.  Give them a few minutes to get settled down and have a peak at the menu.  If we are your first table and you’ve got nothing else to do…go cut some lemons or something.  The kitchen crew will like you for that!
  • Have a personality.  I know you might be new to this position, but realize that being a waiter/waitress requires you to be friendly and put some effort into it. Even if you think it’s the absolute worst job in the world and your parents made you get the job, put some personality into your voice.  Show some interest in your customers.
  • There’s a fine line between being there to much and not often enough.  From a waiters aspect I can’t tell you what this is, but from a customer aspect it’s a fine line.  If you get it just right and hit the other two items above I will give you at least a 15% tip or more.  No questions asked.

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