Four months old!

It’s hard to believe it but our baby boy will be four months old today.  To top things off he has his four month appointment today.  We’ve filled out the doctors little form where they ask a variety of questions about his development.  In my very biased opinion he’s doing quite well according to these.  He’s probably still a little bit behind, but he’s doing just great.

These last few weeks with baby boy have been awesome.  He’s reached that stage in development (I’d say around 3.5 months) where he is babbling and he likes to look at you and laugh at you.  It’s incredibly satisfying to just sit down with him, not worry about anything else, and play with him.  I wish that I had a stay at home job to see all of this development but alas it’s not to be right now.  Perhaps one of these days that might be the case.

I’m still trying to become “fitter” daddy, but it’s been a bit rough sailing lately.  M, the wonderful wife, and I went to the gym on Saturday and I was talking about how the weight isn’t coming off as quick as I want it to. As always she has great words of wisdom for me and told me to just be consistent. So right now that’s what I’m trying to do. Be consistent.  Despite having a busy work week I’m going to try and get to the gym three times this week. Hopefully that will continue on for months ahead.


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