Month: September 2011

Posting or lack there of

Yup it’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything.  Not sure why…distractions is probably the best way to describe it.

Baby boy is doing great.  He’s really growing up.  Still a little small for his age, but I’m sure that he’ll catch up at some point.  He’s now 4.5 months old and sleeping in his crib (although in our room!).  We’ve had 3 straight nights that he’s slept a full night and my wonder wife hasn’t had to get up and feed him.  So that’s really awesome.  He hasn’t quite got our schedule down, but I’m sure none of us had our parents schedule down as well at that age!  He’s not yet crawling, but we are doing lots of tummy time which we hope will get him there. I say all of this now, but might regret it when I’m having to run through the house after him!

What else?  Not much really. Work is work.  Going through a bunch of upgrades right now that are going well…well so far the first one (yesterday afternoon) has gone well.  We’ll have another couple that will be a lot more work than this one.

Fall is definitely here in Cheyenne.  No snow yet, but I could have sworn I felt a few drops of precipitation when I took the dog outside the last couple of mornings.  Perhaps I’m just hoping (although I’ll be complaining about it a few months after we get snow on the ground…really miss the 4 seasons in the mid-west…but wouldn’t trade it for the mountains I can see here!)?

Well for now that’s what I’ve got.

Until next time…hopefully later this week!