Yesterday I was reading various articles/posts on social media and SEO.  One of them stood out to me and the one point that stuck with me was about relationships.  Social media is about relationships.  Having a website is about relationships (it might have been this article talking about advertising budgets and such).

I think most internet companies understand this…some don’t, but most do.  The area where I don’t think business’s get it is with brick and mortar companies.  You know those places you used to go to instead of Amazon and are now slowly disappearing.

It’s easy to say that people are not interested in relationships (after all it appears it’s more of a relationship with a device than a physical person)…they are more interested in having 1,000 friends on Facebook and a 100,000 followers on Twitter.  However if you put aside your preconceived notions and think about the sheer numbers there, it’s pretty damn powerful.  I believe brick and mortar forget about this power.  Most believe that they are still the kind of their market, maybe some are, but if they choose to ignore these relationships things will get pretty tight.  The days of ‘just run and ad in your favorite media outlet’ are coming to an end.  It will soon be more important to build and foster that relationship with your customers. Whether you like it or agree with it.



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