Parenting Part two

We are having another child!

I’m not sure that I would have ever said that when I was just married, but here I am saying it.  No surprises. Something we had planned on doing.  I just had to come around!

There’s times when one child seems like plenty and I wonder what I’ve got myself into, but then I tell myself I’ve got all the experience of the first one to apply to the second. Right?  Well at least that’s my hope! I’m not sure if it will really work out that way or not.

The wife and I are both hoping that this pregnancy goes much better than the first one.  The first one was great up until the later part of the second trimester when we discovered there were some umbilical cord issues.  From there on it was a weekly, or more, visit to the Dr’s office and an emergency C-Section at about 35 weeks…it was 5 weeks early and he was 5 weeks behind in development (10 weeks total). In the end he spent three weeks in the NICU, but has been fine since then.  He’s a healthy ever challenging boy!!!

So we are taking the extra nausea as a sign that things are going better.  Perhaps it’s just the 2nd pregnancy where the body apparently knows better what’s going on and takes in more nutrition.  We’re not sure and won’t know for another 2 months, but we are hopeful.

There will probably be many more posts on this topic so this is a fair warning!



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