Growing our own food

As hard as it is to believe, given the weather outside, we just spent $30 on seeds, potting soil and some trays to get them started in (and we’ve still got a few more things to purchase!). The weather in Wyoming, will have it’s say about this process for quite sometime (probably the whole year if I had my guess).  However we are resolute in trying to grow some of our own food.  I get the impression from things that I see in various other places that we are not the only one’s doing this.

It’s not really surprising when you see movies like Super Size Me and Hungry for Change.  Most of what we are eating now days is a mere fraction of what was originally food.  It’s now some substance that has been pushed, prodded, extruded and blended to make these mega companies more money without them really having to produce food with high nutritional value.  We won’t be able to feed ourselves 100% off of what we are growing, but it sure would be nice to get a few baskets of carrots, potatoes and some peppers that we’ve grown.  Without sounding like a total whack job I have wondered, recently, what the population status would be if we continued to eat really food and not this mass produced stuff that is called food?  I think, believe perhaps, that because we are able to mass produce food it has allowed the population to explode to the 7 billion that it is now and I’m very afraid that this world, this earth, can not continue to sustain that type of growth.  Enough about that.

Lastly in our quest to have more natural food I have been contemplating picking up hunting again.  I can hear the gasps now.  “You’re going to kill poor little bambi”.  Well maybe.  I’m still undecided and there’s a lot of money that would need to be spent in order to get to that stage.  I’d have to buy a rifle or a bow, I’m leaning towards the bow, and then actually get proficient in using either instrument.  Maybe we’ll just stick to fishing this spring, summer and fall and put some of those in the freezer.

Long and short of it, I hope others start growing their own food as well. Last thought on this.  If everyone grew their own food or we ate real food I have to wonder if this nation would be as obese. Watch Hungry for Change and let me know what you think?  I think we’d be a lot less obese.  One disadvantage to being the richest nation in the world.

This post, Growing our own food, is day 2 in what I hope to be 30 straight days of blogging here. A wide variety of topics will be covered.


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