Snow in May


“Ugh.  I can’t believe it’s snowing.  And cold.”
“You’ve lived in Wyoming how long?” I asked.
“I know, but I’m just so tired of snow,” She said.
“I’d rather have it now than say in April or May.”
“I suppose your right,” She said and went outside and got in her vehicle.


“Snow again.  I can’t believe it,” He said.
“Not you too.  You’ve lived in Wyoming a hell of a lot longer than me.  This is what happens in December.”
“Yeah. Doesn’t do the bones any good though.”


“I wonder if that ice will ever melt back there?  I almost slipped coming in and if we get anymore snow…oh look there’s a snowflake coming down.”
“I agree. That ice is horrible.  I did a loop de loop crossing the street last night and nearly bounced off my ass.  That snow is going to make it even worse.”


“Oh that sun is incredible out there.  You should get out if you can,” She said.
“Kind of stuck here working on this virus that someone brought in, so me getting outside won’t be happening anytime soon.”
“You don’t know what your missing. That sun just warms the bones.  Maybe you young one’s don’t need that.”
I was fuming.  I needed the sunlight just as much as the next person, I hadn’t quite turned into a vampire, but instead I was fighting with a nasty virus that was teaching me a lesson or two.


“I can’t believe that ice is still out there.  You can see the grass.  How does that ice stay around?” He said.
“Sun can’t get around this building.  Will be there until we can get temperatures hot enough to melt it,” I told him.
“Well I hope that it happens soon because someone’s going to get hurt and you know that Harry isn’t going to pay anyone for that. Workers comp?  Yeah right.”


“Finally no more snow,” She said.
I laughed as she had her back to the window.
“What are you laughing at?  I haven’t pressed any bad buttons lately.”
“It’s snowing outside.”
She turned and looked out the window.
“Figures,” She said and left.


“So glad it’s May.  No more snow,” He said.
“Me too.  I’m ready to get some golfing in,” I said.
“No more slipping on that ice,” She said.
“Looks like we’ll be getting some rain however.  Clouds are a bit dark. Wind’s picking up,” He said and sat back down in front of his desk.
“Oh hell no,” I said.
“What?” She asked.
“Saw a snowflake coming down,” I said.
“Are you joking with us?” He asked.
“He’s not. There’s another one.  Fuck,” She said.

I started reading Elmore Leonard’s, Fire In the Hole, and was inspired by one of his short stories in there. The dialog was so intriguing.  I’m no where near his ability, probably never will be, but none the less this is practice. 

This post, Snow in May, is day 3 in what I hope to be 30 straight days of blogging here. A wide variety of topics will be covered. 


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