Two and three quarter years old

Everyone tells you about the terrible two’s.  You think it’s not going to happen to you.  It’s not like a switch is flipped on when your young person turns two years old.  It could be two and a half or two and three quarters like ours.

Keeping your cool with a little person isn’t easy and there’s many times I find myself second guessing myself.  The conversation in my head goes something like this.

“Should I have done that?”
“Is that going to be his first memory and is he going to hate me for the rest of his life?”

Stuff like that.  But you’ve got to do your best and move on.  I think even if I’d read every book on the subject of raising a little person I’d still be flopping around like a fish out of water at times.  Take this scenario that happened to my wife yesterday.

She was shopping at our local grocery store.  Just a small trip and she was putting the cart away and was going to carry the groceries out.  When out of now where our little one takes off like a bat out of hell.  Out the front of the store and past a armored truck that blocked the view from anyone seeing him (thankfully no car’s were coming) and down the road.  It was snowing and icy in the parking lot and my wife has already taken one tumble, additionally our boy likes to play chase.  Luckily he stopped before he got hurt, but it was very nerve racking for my wife.  I’m not sure what I would have done in that situation, but I’d probably be nominated for worst dad of the year 2014.  I don’t think those situations are in any books.

If someone is here that’s got the terrible two’s going on I’d like to say it’s going to get better, but I’ve heard it gets worse.  Three’s apparently pretty bad and by the time they get to four they are actually a little human being.  So keep your head up, take an extra patience pill each day and cherish each moment, because they are really only with us for 18 years (18 summers) and then gone.

This post, Two and three quarter years old, is day 6 in what I hope to be 30 straight days of blogging here. A wide variety of topics will be covered. 


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