The tech industry

I’ve worked in the tech industry since 1998.  I’ll spare you the details, for now, of how I got started in this field.  I’ve seen many companies come and go.  And as long as I’m looking back I’ll jokingly say I’ve lost over a million dollars (hello Yahoo stock at the early 2000’s and Netflix).  As great as this industry is there’s a ton of pressure for people to continually be trying to break new barriers with new technology, stay educated or become and entrepreneur.  Or maybe that’s just me!

Until recently, 2010, I’ve spent most of my time working on the web and I do enjoy working with it.  However I feel like every 3 months I’ve got to change/upgrade my skill set to be using X technology rather than Y technology.  Or at this point I should have updated the server to use a newer technology that eeks out a few CPU cycles.  I find it totally maddening.  I’m not saying that I’m not out there trying to learn something new, but the speed at which things change makes it nearly impossible to keep up and anyone who does manage to keep up most likely works a TON of hours.

If by some chance you’re one of these people that feel like you’ve got to be doing this constantly I’m here to give you permission to slow down and chose to do things are you own pace.  Don’t let others, or the technology, take you out of your comfort zone when your not ready. I’m not saying that you should never stretch yourself to learn something new, but chasing the ‘new shiny’ will drive you totally bat shit crazy.  I’ve been there and I still deal with it every day.  I’m trying my hardest to slow down and not follow the shiny. With a wife and almost 2 kids, I just don’t have the time to be chasing everything that comes my way or interests me.  I’ve tried and all it’s done so far is add my gray hair.

Take a deep breath and enjoy your life. Work will be there tomorrow.  In most cases the technology you use today will be there tomorrow and will work as well.


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