I’m not sure what number of day it is that I’ve been writing on this blog (missed another day I know!), but as I write or think about writing I think it’s helped me try and define what I want to do next.

As I mentioned in a previous post I’d love to be an author.  Would take it in a heart beat if God came down and said “whats your dream job? Bam there you go”.  However there are times, about 50/50, that I want to continue in technology.  But one of the main reasons I consider staying in technology is because of the instant gratification.  I could setup a site in a matter of a few minutes and be publishing that out to the whole world.  Now it will take awhile to get an audience, but it’s out there for someone to find.  Writing a book?  Who the heck knows how long that would take.  Months? Years?  It’s definitely not minutes or hours.  I think part of that gratification with technology is a result of our society, or maybe it’s just me at this stage.  But again I go through these phases.  I’ve got a ton of ideas for technology stuff to do that I think would be successful in some aspect, but finishing them is the key.  At some point I’ve just got to get one or the other done and move forward with it.  Look at it as step into what my eventual goal is.


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