Oil Field

“I don’t think you’ve got anything here?” I told Ted.
“What do you mean?  There’s something here,” He said waving the papers at me.  “It’s been in the media for awhile.  You’ve seen that movie Gasland right?  Takes place in northern Colorado and the can light the water on fire.  There’s got to be something here.”
“That might be, but what is in the papers there,” I pointed at them, “it’s just circumstantial.  Something thinks there’s a cover up.  If you decide to pursue this with the paper, you’ll be starting with nothing.”
Ted sat back down in his high backed executive chair and took a sip on the coffee.
“Can you look into it Jack?” Ted asked.
I laughed.
“Why me?  You’ve got a bunch of reporters out there that would love to get their teeth into something like this?  I’m just the systems administrator. When something breaks or the shit hits the fan you call me.”
“Jack don’t bullshit me.  You worked as a police officer over on the base and from what I’ve been able to determine you did a pretty damn good job.”
“I was a MP for a total of 3 years maybe.  And most of the time I was behind a desk like I do here. I had a problem keeping my mouth shut.”
“So you won’t do it?” Ted pleaded.
“You hired me to make sure the paper gets out on a daily basis.  Not investigate what might be, or might not be, some cover up by the oil companies and the government.”
“Okay.  I can respect that,” Ted said.

This story has been rambling around in my head for quite awhile now.  I’m not sure what will come of it because I reach a certain point and I’m not sure where to turn with it.  Perhaps sharing it here will change that.  Perhaps it won’t. 



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