Oil Field Pt2

This is a continuation of Oil Field.  Please start there for a better idea of what’s going on.  

Despite the conversation with Ted being over I was still turning it over in my head when I made it back to my office.  The note on my keyboard told me that I needed to put that conversation behind me and get my head back to my normal job.

The note was something I had solved ten’s of times before, but the user never seemed to understand what it was I was showing them.  They went to the bottom of the pile and I checked on my servers.

It had been an odd turn of events to go from military police officer to systems administrator, but it was one that I enjoyed immensely.  It had taken me a good eighteen months after being hired to get the systems into a place where they just ran.  There was the occasional hiccup, but those were a rarity.  But the conversation with Ted had brought up some good memories and the itch had started.

Thirty minutes later with nothing more than the norm with the servers, I was out of my office to put out fires and to help the paginator of the paper, a little old man who was twenty years past retirement but stayed on.

“Good morning Dale,” I said loudly.
“Good morning to you Jack.  This damn computer has done it again.”
“Okay.  Let me jump in there and see what I can do.”
In less than thirty seconds I had solved the problem yet again and was on my way.

My next stop was the newsroom, where I had a meeting that I would have rather done without, but it wasn’t one I could get out of.


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