Oil Field Part 3

This is a continuation of the story called Oil Field.  Part 1 is here and part 2 is here!

“So what’s the meeting about?” I asked when I arrived in the conference room.
“We wanted to talk about the update schedule and why we’ve been missing the schedule,” Jeannie the managing editor said.
“So you don’t really need me.  Seems like that’s up to your editors?”
“Mostly but I want to see if you’ll be able to help out,” Jeannie said.
“Okay,” I said and sat down.
Jeannie was notorious for needing a meeting on anything and everything.  I wore me thin as I thought they were a waste of company money and in the end nothing was ever done.
I began the meeting with my head down, but quickly picked it up when the voices started to rise.   I was actually surprised that it took this long before voices picked up.  In the 5 years I’d been at the paper I’d determined after three years that Jeannie thought people worked better when she was a bitch and most people didn’t.  The new batch of editors who had been brought in, weren’t putting up with it, which made these meetings interesting.

“Where have you been?” Asked Tina, Ted’s secretary.
“I just got done with another one of Jeannie’s meetings.  I said three things the whole time.”
“Oh,” Tina said understanding.  “Well Ted wanted me to bring this down to you.”
“What’s this?” I said taking the manila envelope.
“I don’t know.  It’s something he put together by himself.”
“Okay.  I think I know what it is.”

When Tina had left I opened the envelope to confirm my suspicion.  It was the documents that he had shown me this morning.  A note was on the front that said: Just in case.
I threw the envelope into my drawer.


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