Just Montana

Lake McDonald – Glacier Park, Montana

Ever since I left her, she’s been calling me back.  I think for a lot of people that leave, she calls.  Perhaps not, but I’d like to think that.  The she I’m referring to is the state of Montana.

I grew up in Montana. Wasn’t born there, the state of Kansas has that, but I call Montana home. Nearly since the time we left I’ve wanted to move back.  Looking back on it the words of “I don’t want to be one of those guys who lives in his hometown his whole life” were kind of silly.  Right now I’d give just about anything to live back on Montana…well almost anything.

The problem, in the past, with living in Montana is that you were trading a career for living in Montana.  At the time, I wasn’t willing to make that exchange.  And I guess to some extent I’m still not ready for this.  Odd now that I think a bit about it and how much I’d like to get back.  But at this point in time there are areas where that trade off isn’t being made.  Technology has started to change that.

While Wyoming is a lot closer to to Montana than Iowa, it’s still a hell of a long ways living on the southern border of the state.


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