Month: October 2014

Getting old sucks!

Okay I’m not really that old, 37, but I’m starting to see the effects of various different things that as a young person you never thought would come until you were like your parents age.

Back in April at my yearly eye appointment the Dr wanted to see me again in October because she was seeing signs of glaucoma.  Welcome to old age. Just had a return visit today and things were fine.

Had my yearly physical in July and had extremely high blood pressure.  Not really a shocker because it runs in the family, but I didn’t expect it until my 40’s at least.  Went back in September and it was still high but it was a lot of white coat syndrome and I avoided medication.

I think many of these issues are being overweight and I’ve been trying to drop weight.  However my left foot, which I think has plantar fasciitis, has had something else to say about that.

So right now it’s watch what I eat, get the foot better along the way and hopefully drop about 30 to 40 lbs.  I haven’t quite figured out how that’s going to be possible, but that’s the plan.  And my hope is it will drop the blood pressure and the eye issues.  But only time is going to tell if I can get this going in the right direction.  And I need to for my family!

But on a happier note they did release the Avengers: Age of Ultron preview.  Can’t wait to see what’s been done with this.